Jacob Fuentes, Adan Earle, and Jordan Caplis also contributed to this article.

After its raging hit last year, Malden High’s Adventure Club returned to the ice for the second consecutive year at Medford’s Flynn Rink.

Senior Sandra Tang using a skating aid. JACOB FUENTES

There were a few aspects of the event last year that made it so successful. One of the club’s advisors, Shauna Campbell, specified that this rink was “local, accessible, and affordable,” which are the key aspects the club looks for when planning events. The event was hosted in Medford which is close enough to Malden High to be within one bus trip, and the cost of entry was only $5 per skater with a second charge of $5 to rent skates. No experience was required to participate; and for those who had never skated before, there were skating aids available to help teach skaters how to balance.

Teacher John Frigo posing for a photo on the ice. JACOB FUENTES

Campbell added that the other aspect that made these events successful is that these events help foster a sense of “community.” She expanded on that thought, saying, “Most of these events are [open to the] public.” Junior Heitor Soares agreed with her sentiment, commenting that this was “an overall community-filled experience.” 

Due to this event being a repetition of the event from last year, the club members were “excited” at the idea of “bringing back the trip,” Campbell explained. Senior James Jose added that the event had “Christmas vibes” and was the kind of event he wanted to participate in. Like many other seniors, Jose commented that he is “trying to do as much as I can before graduation.”

Although the event only ran for an hour and a half, Campbell was elated to see “a really great turnout.” It was exciting for her to see “people trying skating for the first time,” and she hoped to see similar turnouts at future events. The Adventure Club has an upcoming trip to go rock climbing on January 20th, as well as a potential snowman contest. However, the details for that are not fully outlined yet.


(From left to right, top to bottom): Malden High students skating around the track counterclockwise; skaters speeding past the camera; far-away shot of skaters across the ice. JORDAN CAPLIS

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