Rainbow Lions Sweeten Up Malden High School with Candygrams

The hallways of Malden High School are abuzz with festive cheers thanks to the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), better known as the "Rainbow Lions." Their "candy care-gram" posters, designed by junior Megyn Ta, are eye-catching, inviting, and encourage students to spread holiday cheer with their friends and classmates. 

Rainbow Lions outside cafeteria B selling candygrams. JASLIE FANG

For just a dollar, you can send a candy cane-filled care package to someone special in your life. The proceeds from the fundraiser will support the GSA's ongoing efforts to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all Malden High School students. Junior Lumi Leshane, a member of the GSA, commented that the profits will “likely go towards more club events, though we have also talked about donating to LGBTQ+ organizations at some point.” Ta elaborates further, emphasizing how the fundraising enables more Pride events in June, during Pride Month, and how it boosts the club's visibility, helping to recognize the strong LGBTQ+ community at Malden High.

With every candy care-gram purchase, students are not only bringing joy to their recipient but also making a positive impact in the school community. Their contribution will help the GSA continue to organize events, raise awareness, and advocate for LGBTQ+ students at Malden High School.

Spread the holiday cheer and sweeten someone's day with a candy care-gram from the Gay-Straight Alliance! Candy grams will be available for purchase during lunch from December 11th to December 15th. These delightful treats will be delivered to homerooms on December 18th, so make sure to be at homeroom on the day of!

Connect with the Rainbow Lions on Instagram at @the_rainbow_lions or attend their meetings held in Jean Jones’s room (B230) every Friday at 2:15 after school. Whether students are looking to spread some holiday cheer or make a difference in your school community, the GSA welcomes them with open arms.

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