Class of 2025 Unveils New Merchandise for Students

The class of 2025 has finally announced its first item of new merchandise for students! For their first-ever design, they decided “to keep it simple and classy,” but also “fun so that it was clear what class they were in and the fact they were from Malden High School,” explained Robert Grinnell, one of the advisors for the junior class. 

This idea is nothing new to the council as “it’s been an idea to have new merch for a while; and since we have the funds for it, we decided to just go for it,” said Jaslie Fang, one of the social media coordinators for the council and reporter for The Blue and Gold. 

The most important part of this whole process was how the merch was going to look. They first decided on what clothing items they wanted, which turned out to be t-shirts and crewnecks. Then, “Jaslie… actually designed them herself and presented the student council with a bunch of different designs,” Courtney Braz, an advisor for the class stated. She continued, “We narrowed down which ones were some of their favorites. Then we gave out a list of seven to eight of them to everybody in the class to see, “what does everybody else think?’”

The designs were put on an Instagram story and current juniors could submit their favorites through a comment box. Fang mentioned, “On the poll, there were some designs that weren’t getting voted as much as we had hoped, so we held a meeting to discuss if maybe we should vote amongst ourselves but decided we should just follow what the people chose.”

Screenshot from @maldenco2025 Instagram story of the potential designs for the merch.

“I think what that highlights about the class of 2025 and the student council is that although they may have wanted a different design, they still went with what the people wanted. They weren’t putting what they wanted on a t-shirt above what everybody else wanted… That’s what the people voted for then that’s what they’re going to get for this round at least,” described Braz.

The 2025 student council currently has ideas for future merch depending on how the sales of this first batch go. “If there’s enough interest, we’re also thinking of getting…a third item for students to buy,” said Grinnell. 

“I think we’re doing pretty good as every student council member has an incentive to get 10 people to sell the merch to and we’re all reaching that goal…We wanted to start pre-orders after that and sell sweatpants too,” explained Sarah Pham, the secretary for the council.  

So far, the merch has gotten lots of recognition and is successful in raising money for the class. The funds will go towards many different future events the council has planned, such as, “subsidizing prom so that it will be more affordable and also potentially reducing the cost of caps and gowns for when they become seniors because that can be like $25…and we want to have a really fun senior barbeque with different activities going on,” according to Grinnell. He also mentioned “JV’s, which is going to be the next big event that we’re doing apart from a potential movie night around the holidays…but most of it is going to go into JV’s and make it the most fun show that we can,” stated Braz.

Overall, the 2025 student council is excited about their first-ever merch drop and has much more to come in future projects. “This merch was just simplistic and neutral and it should definitely bring the school spirit up. The more people that are excited about this kind of stuff, the more things like spirit day and the weeks leading up to winter break become more exciting and bring a better environment to the school,” said Pham.

If you would like to support the class of 2025 and other events hosted by them, make sure to join the Google Classroom with code m5dq7ol, and follow them on their Instagram and TikTok using maldenco2025. On their media pages, you will be able to find a link to the merch as well as any updates or events you don’t want to miss.

Screenshot of @maldenco2025 Instagram post detailing the designs of the shirts.

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