Senior Captain Nick Duggan Sprints to the Finish Line

As the winter sports season begins, the indoor track team is continuously at hard work. Nick Duggan, a senior this year at MHS, is an essential part of the Boys’ Indoor Track Team. As captain of the team, Duggan has showcased not only his great athletics but also how committed, genuine, and caring he is.

Nick Duggan posing for a picture. Photo Submitted by Nick Duggan.

Duggan is also the captain of the Boys’ outdoor track team as well as the Boys’ cross-country team.

Duggan began running at the end of his freshman year and since then his passion for running has increased tremendously. “Running is something that I have taken to do as both a hobby and competitively. With running being added to my life, it has been relied on as a way to release stress,” he said.

Distance Coach Meghan McCormick, who has started coaching this year already has many positive things to say about Dugan. McCormick says, “I’ve only known the track team for a short period of time, but Nick has already come out as someone who is an incredibly hard worker. He’s incredibly persistent, really considerate, and a really thoughtful captain.”

Coach Mccormick continued by adding an example, “The other day when we were running to the outdoor track as a group, he made sure everyone was crossing safely without me even asking… checked in on everyone in the back [and] everyone in the front to make sure we were all together.”

Duggan’s kindness is an important part of keeping the team together. Rolando Meija, one of Duggan’s teammates, said that he “is passionate about improving his and others running. Nick just exudes positivity and leadership.”

“As a captain, Nick is really supportive of our teammates. He is responsible and holds us accountable in our workouts,” Meija added.

Nick Duggan running. Photo submitted by Nick Duggan.

“The hardships that I experienced as a captain for Cross Country consisted of motivating people to run and getting new people into the running spirit. Often running itself can seem very daunting so just getting people out and running is the hardest part,” Duggan said.

“My mindset while doing this sport is that you get out what you put in. I feel this because Cross Country is one of those sports that in most cases, when you run more and train more, you often see improvements over time. Just consistency and getting out no matter the weather and how you are feeling is often the hardest challenge but once you push past that you can unlock so much more of your potential,” concluded Duggan.

It is clear that there are many great things to come to Duggan’s future after his amazing season of showcasing his compassion and kindness.

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