Cheerleading Starts Up Their New Winter Basketball Season

With the basketball season starting up, the cheer season is continuing their performances from the fall. Their dynamic display during the games is an extremely uplifting performance as an act of motivation for boys and girls basketball, constantly energizing the whole crowd to be more supportive.

Their routines consist of stunts like baskets, extensions, tumbling, and dances. “We also work on tumbling. We have a lot of girls that can do front walkovers and other simple stuff,” said Samara Valencia Perez. Outside of cheerleading, you can still find all of this stuff and learn more about it like clinics.

“This is the first season that’s been off because of football season and because our old captain is not there with us anymore,” said Valencia. The cheer team has navigated this change by fostering a positive environment while also being able to be authoritative. They definitely were able to really channel in their cheer spirits and maintain the cheers.

The cheer team captains play an important role by not only providing encouragement, but also by ensuring a disciplined focus by perfecting tumbling, stunts, and routines. Their leadership provides a balance between motivation and discipline to foster a dedicated and accomplished team.

Ultimately, this team is a powerful presence that has a contagious positive energy that unites the audience with the players and the basketball games. Their enthusiasm not only elevates the benches, but also hypes up the players as well to perform better and lets them know that they have an entire team cheering them on. Beyond their on-court performances though, their reputation stands to be an extra layer of excitement to the basketball games, making them a focal point of support.

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