Malden High Continues Their Senior Superlative Tradition

The Senior Superlatives is a fun way to highlight the graduating class's unique qualities. There are 32 superlatives in total and 17 superlatives that stay every year. Some of these superlatives even date back to 1921. Having superlatives that date back 100 years shows the significance of the history at Malden High School. 

“We had ‘most likely to get caught making a Snapchat story.’ But whereas Snapchat isn't as popular anymore, we kind of took that one out,” yearbook advisor James Valente explained. The superlatives are interchangeable, they follow trends and reflect on the students. There are about 14 superlatives that are modified each year to relate to the graduating class. The students of the graduating class get most of the creative ability to create these superlatives. However, Valente and teacher Beth Horowitz ultimately have the final decision. 

“We've added QR codes to our book, where you can scan a QR code and watch the play and listen to the band play and see sports,” Valente described. QR codes are another way to add fun different things to the yearbook. It can even be scanned and lead to something you can listen to to remember and reminisce about the times seniors spent during their high school years. It also makes the yearbooks more interesting because some people don’t only want to look at pictures and words but they want to watch and hear things. 

“I do think what I won reflects me as a person. Being the loudest isn’t necessarily someone who’s loud, it’s someone that can get their voice across to people,” senior Sami Jeudy stated. The people who are nominated for different superlatives are chosen because their class sees that they reflect that one. It is something to embrace and a nice and fun way to remember your peers.

“Based on our book, 200 pages, full-color hardcover back, they think we should be charging $145 for a book,” Valente shared. The yearbook holds many memories which makes it almost priceless. The yearbook instead was sold at  $75 in September and October and then was bumped up to $85 later on. 

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