Class of 2024 Warms Up the Winter Season With Hot Chocolate

After a successful fall season of fundraising with Malden High’s first Back to School Fest, Homecoming, and a number of fan-favorite football concessions, the Class of ‘24 celebrated the beginning of the winter season with their first bake sale of the year.

Bake Sale poster outside main office. JESSICA LI

Stationed outside the main office and Finn gym, members of the council sold hot chocolate and baked goods, selected specifically for the holiday season. Secretary Abdullah Khan explained that these two locations were chosen strategically: “we were looking to maximize sales by having multiple locations,” so that both students and staff would have the opportunity to purchase something. The stand was open for two days, December 7th and 8th, after school.

The bake sale returned this year as a result of its major success the previous year. The council “realized that the kids really enjoyed the hot chocolate bar with all the toppings,” class advisor Jessica Webber described. “And we thought it would be nice to pair a bake sale with a drink,” added social media coordinator Keira Lin. Among the topping options were peppermint, crushed granola, marshmallows, chocolate chips, drizzles, whipped cream, and sprinkles, all of which were prepared beforehand so the council would “be ready as soon as the bell [rang],” said Lin. Cookies, rice krispies, whoopie pies, and other baked goods were also available.

“I feel like after three years, everyone just knows what to do,” Webber commented on the council’s preparation. “We get a lot of donations and volunteers. And then we always have a couple of volunteers the day of who put everything together, and everyone kind of knows what to do. They're very well organized and we just supervise.”

An order of hot chocolate decorated with whipped cream, chocolate, granola, and sprinkles. JESICA LI
Junior Bertha Jean Louis posing for a picture, holding her hot chocolate. JESSICA LI

The council was hoping to match their bake sale to the cold weather, offering hot chocolate which Lin referred to as “universal” during the winter season. And according to one of their customers, senior Brahim Chahid, this goal was successful. Chahid thought that the hot chocolate “matched the vibe” and “was the perfect temperature, matching the outside.”

In terms of the class’ other events this year, event coordinator Erikah Macharia remarked that “things have been successful; we’ve been making a lot of money, having a lot of fundraisers and also doing things that the whole committee has been enjoying.”

Social Media Coordinator Shuyi Chen and Event Coordinator Erikah Macharia serving hot chocolate to customers. JESSICA LI

Alongside hosting more bake sales, the class of ‘24 looks forward to senior sweatshirts, a city-wide event this spring, and ultimately, prom and graduation. Though the details have not been officially announced, Lin said that the community event has “never [been] seen before at Malden High.” The council has been working on this fundraiser for months, and class advisor Kristen Kirby said to keep an eye out for April 7.

From left to right: social media coordinator Keira Lin, secretary Abdullah Khan, and president Meklit Abel.

As prom and graduation also nears, the council has been looking to lower prom ticket costs as much as possible to ideally keep tickets under $70. Appearing on target to reach this goal, the council is also focused on the logistical aspects of prom. They've formed a committee, finalized a theme, and booked the venue. Currently, the council is working on “narrowing down dinner and dessert,” said Khan.

As the CO’24 concludes their first winter bake sale of the year, it takes another step closer to the ultimate events, prom and graduation.

President Meklit Abel shared that “It’s been sad to see that this is one of our last times doing stuff like this again… but, I feel like it's preparing us well for college,” since their experience working in student council has set them up to participate in future clubs and extracurricular activities.

Kirby expressed being proud of the council and “the people that they have become and how much they've grown up the last four years.”

Lin added, “It’s sad, but also endearing to be like, ‘Last bake sale ever!’ because we've done it since sophomore year, so it’s sad to think about but also it makes me optimistic for the future.”

As the year continues, the council looks forward to delivering more innovative and entertaining fundraisers to maximize the student body’s enjoyment of their senior year.

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