With the recent abundance of bake sales at the school, the Key Club (also known as Kiwanis) decided to host two consecutive bake sales. The first bake sale began on November 30th during the parent-teacher night, and the following on December 1st after school. 

Alina Dao, Jeslyn San, and Nick Duggan posing for a photo in front of the parent-teacher night bake sale. ABIGAEL FESEHAIE

Key Club, one of the most famous clubs at the high school, is a volunteering-based club that bases itself on helping “local organizations such as the Bread of Life, the counselors, friends of the Malden River, many different organizations and make sure that all the different events around Malden are able to go smoothly, and the youth are able to be involved,” stated senior and Club President Nick Duggan.

Photo of the bake sale prices depicted on the left taken by Abigael Fesehaie.

Both bake sales included food items like pies, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, ranging in price from $20 for a full pie to $0.50 for a small cookie. The sweets were made by Key Club members in exchange for hours in the club's database, through batches—for example, one batch would equal one hour, and so on. 12 pies that were used during both bake sales came in the form of a well-appreciated donation by the Bread of Life organization.

“This bake sale is going to basically help with money when it comes to registration dues, it’s going to make sure that it’s all sent to Kiwanis to make sure those are covered… It’s also going to go towards shirts, and making sure that all key clubbers are able to get shirts without having to pay massive amounts of money,” stated Duggan on the importance of the bake sales for clubs similar to his, that require yearly dues.

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Nick Duggan handing out sweets during the bake sale. ABIGAEL FESEHAIE

The bake sale during parent-teacher night ended with the pies being sold out and a majority of the sweets gone, which lifted the club's spirits as they were able to garner more than $400 during the bake sale. The following day, the bake sale was held in the lobby, showcasing the same sweets as the day before, which received similar outcomes to the previous night, having the pies being sold out again and the majority of sweets consumed.

To get involved with the club, make sure to reach out to Nick Duggan as soon as possible, and keep up with the club’s events by following them on Instagram page @maldenkeyclub

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