Girls’ Basketball Captain Victoria “Tori” Gammon Starts the Season off Strong

On the court where cheers echo, basketballs bounce and sneakers squeak, there is a leader who stands out: senior Victoria “Tori” Gammon, one of the Girls’ Basketball team captains, whose impact reaches far beyond the game. Gammon is not just about scoring points, but is also an inspiration off the court.

Communication is a keystone of effective leadership, and Gammon excels in this aspect. Whether it is giving a pep talk during halftime or providing constructive feedback in practice, she understands the importance of motivating communication. “Tori is the great stabilizer on my team, she is like the glue to this entire program,” Girls’ Basketball Coach Scott Marino explains. As a senior with years of experience, she possesses a deep understanding of the game, making her an inspiration to her teammates while guiding them through victories and challenges.

Gammon has been a captain on the team for two years now. Off the court, Gammon is often involved in team building activities; for example, after having a team meeting without any coaches present, she felt that the team was not getting along and having trouble communicating on the court, so she made it her mission to fix this.

Tori Gammon gets up after a hard foul by a defender. Photo taken from the 2022-2023 Season. BO STEAD

Her resilience becomes a source of encouragement. “She scored 16 points and had ten rebounds in last night's game. She was a great example and leader,” Marino commented, referencing the team’s game on October 12th against Everett.

Her commitment to building a strong relationship with everyone contributes to the overall success of the team, creating a supportive environment where everyone can grow.

“She is like the energizer battery, Tori brings energy 100 percent of the time,” Marino laughed. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm uplifts the team, fostering a sense of bonding that goes beyond the court.

Gammon is more than just a captain: she is a leader, motivator, and role model. She demonstrates to team members effective communication, resilience, passion for the sport, and commitment to the team. As Gammon leads her teammates through the challenges and successes of this season, her impact radiates in the minds of those she inspires.

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