Glamour Pals Spices Things Up with Irresistible Spam Musubi

The Glamour Pals (Glamour Girls) is a relatively new club here at Malden High School. This club was created in November of the current 23 – 24 school year. Members of this club primarily focus on ending feelings of isolation and loneliness in elderly people across the city of Malden. 

To help fundraise for the club, its advisors decided to sell spam musubi, a popular snack/lunch food consisting of spam, rice, and nori to the students of Malden High. The club is selling the meal for $4 per “sandwich” to help “pay back the fee that we had to pay for the organization,” stated Helen Xie, the vice president of the club. Sarah Pham, the president of the club further discussed that the organization had created the price tag as they “issued a fee of $150 so we could get free shirts and create events like bracelet making.” 

The spam musubi post on the Glamour Pals clubs page on Instagram.

Pham is eager to break even from the club’s fee with the spam musubi and use the remaining amounts to produce more fundraising events. The club has tried other fundraising events in the past, like creating a Festive Photobooth during lunches in December, but, the spam musubi has allowed the club to “gain more recognition from the school and help us raise funds to be able to do some fun things,” highlighted Xie.

 But although the club was able to create a successful fundraiser, Pham highlighted that issues like not “getting the word out quick enough,” can cost clubs, like theirs, valuable time and money. At the same time, Xie believes that “coming up with more original ideas,” is one of the biggest hardships in creating fundraising events as “bake sales are already very common at our school.” 

If you are interested in purchasing spam musubi, the club sells the meal on the second Friday of every month. Purchasing and pre-ordering is available on the club’s Instagram page (@glamourpalsmhs) or QR codes are posted throughout the school on the club’s flyers. 

The clubs flyer hung around the school. ABIGAEL FESEHAIE 

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