Swim Team Captain Larissa Retamero Granja Dives into the Season

As Larissa Retamero Granja approaches the end of her high school journey, her impact as the swim captain has left a memorable mark on both her teammates and her coach. 

Granja’s countless hours of training and dedication have not only improved her own performance but have also set an inspiration for her teammates. During last year’s swim banquet, Granja was selected to be the new captain since she had shown her dedication to swim. “I was there every day and I tried my best, they saw the effort,” Granja said.

Her leadership extends beyond swim meets, creating a supportive environment for every member to feel motivated. “Larissa has helped me both personally, and on how to become a better swimmer. She taught me to try to stay positive even when things get hard, and that everyone makes mistakes and it doesn’t define who you are,” Granja’s co-captain, Joyce Zhou said. 

As captain, she motivates and leads her teammates to strive for their personal bests and encourages unity within the group. Her leadership is filled with encouragement, support, and comfort. “In the meet with Lynn Classical, I was in a relay and the last person who was the anchor, he was so nervous saying he could not do it but after giving him words of motivation, he finished strong and was not tired,” Granja explained. 

Swim team captains, Left to Right: Stanley Yip, Joao Victor Santos, Joyce Zhou, Larissa Retamero Granja, Justina Lim, Tiffany Pham. Photo submitted by Tiffany Pham

One of Granja’s standout qualities is her ability to remain calm even when she feels nervous. Her calm behavior and focused mindset has been a key to leading the team into success. Even when facing tough situations or challenging meets, Granja’s leadership skills have stood out.

Teammates describe her as not just a captain but a friend, always ready with words of encouragement and having a genuine interest in their success. “A specific quality of Larissa that stands out to me is the fact that she’s literally someone who brightens everyone’s mood, someone so kind and understanding,” Zhou said. 

Larissa Retamero Granja swimming in the Malden High pool. KAMANI GOMES

It is clear that her leadership has left an impact on the entire team. Her commitment to excellence, both in and out of the water, has set an inspiring example. 

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