A Look into Senior Year as Old Chapters End and New Chapters Beginning

As the year progresses, several Malden High School seniors have begun planning for post-secondary education and even their lives afterward. All around the school, people have started to feel the pressure of graduation that is quickly arriving. With just a few months left until June 2nd, it is no surprise that seniors from all different backgrounds at MHS are taking the time to reflect on their pasts and look toward their futures.

The class of 2024, began their high school experience in September of 2020, sitting in front of their laptops with blank stares full of disappointment. However, it was not long before they entered the building with passion and a willingness to create change. From new clubs, organizations, activities, and projects the Co’24 has truly done so much.

Senior student and Co ‘24 social media coordinator Keira Lin feels proud of her accomplishments throughout high school. “I’m committed to Boston University studying biology,” Lin declared. Over the years Lin feels as though she has grown a lot as a student and person.

“I’ve definitely become more ambitious,” Lin said, “I used to rely on other people a lot.” Now Lin feels as though she is better able to do things for herself, allowing her to become more independent overall.

Over the past few years, Lin has enjoyed being involved in the community in many ways, including playing volleyball and being a member of the student council. Some of her favorite memories of high school have been events hosted by the Co ‘24 such as the Spring Soiree and Back to School Fest. “It’s nice to see our hard work being displayed,” explained Lin.

Keira Lin dives to the ground to hit the ball. JESSICA LI

Lin looks towards the future with a lot of optimism; during college, she hopes to continue to work on herself and “find my people,” she said. “I just hope that everyone is successful, and should not get discouraged with where they end up,” said Lin, congratulating her fellow classmates.

Waly Diouf, a senior student looking to get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, is excited to graduate, and to decide what college he will be committing to in the fall. Diouf originally transferred to Malden High at the beginning of last year. 

“I think most of my favorite memories were during my high school soccer seasons... when I was named in the best 11 players top squad of the season in my freshman year, and when I made the wrestling and soccer varsity team in my sophomore year,” said Diouf, recalling his past athletic seasons. Diouf also played varsity soccer at MHS for his last two years. 

Though Diouf has only been here for a short time, he enjoyed getting to spend time with his soccer coach and English teacher Jeremiah Smith. “He was the one I was really comfortable with, and whenever I needed help academically or outside of school, he was always ready and happy to help. He really trusted me and I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me,” said Diouf.

Senior Waly Diouf jogs up the field. HADJAR YOUSFI

Senior Giselle Dessert who has spent the past four years cheering at Malden High School making an impact all over, has committed to Howard University as a Nursing Major. As a young girl Dessert spent a lot of time in and around the hospital as her mother worked as a nurse. “I grew up around the hospital so I saw a lot of different jobs,” Dessert explained. She felt as though the nurses were always nice and supportive, inspiring her to pursue the field so that she could do the same for others.

Over the years, Dessert feels that she has grown a lot: “I’ve gotten deeper as a person.” She explained that she has grown more emotionally intelligent, allowing her to “develop and find who I really am.” Although she feels the environment can get a bit “crazy,” she believes that it is what “keeps you on your toes.”

When reflecting on being in high school these past four years, Dessert had an exceptionally good time this year at the pep rally. “This year's pep rally was really high energy, and our advisors did a good job getting us involved in it.” Dessert performed at the pep rally as a part of the cheer team and STEP Team.

Senior Giselle Dessert poses for a photo. Photo submitted by Haylee Seeley.

Senior Kayla Ortiz has great aspirations for the future as she plans to study law in the hopes of fighting for victims of domestic violence. Though Ortiz has not yet committed, she is excited for what the future holds for her. 

“As a senior, I feel that I have grown both positively and negatively as a person throughout high school,” Ortiz explained. When she began freshman year remotely and was forced to speak with students & teachers through a screen, “it got tiring to the point where I would be too lazy to do work. But when I started my sophomore year, I was back in school, and before I knew it I improved with my work and got the grades that I expected.”

Though Ortiz felt as though she had a hard time in high school, she succeeded with flying colors and is proud to see her dreams come true.

That being said, Ortiz has enjoyed the resources available to her at school: she actively made use of the weight room and different artistic outlets such as JVs and found time to paint and color.

Kayla Ortiz sings "Run to You" by Whitney Houston, wowing the audience. JESSICA LI

“The road isn’t easy, but things get better in the end. If you put your mind and heart into your work and show true potential in your character and emotions, you’ll be just fine. We all grow emotionally & physically throughout our four years of high school experience,” Ortiz reflected.

Another senior student, Abigail Morrison, has high expectations for the future as she hopes to study both biology and computer science. Though she has not committed anywhere, she is excited for the future and what it has in store for her. In addition to being a strong student, Morrison was also captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team and the girls’ lacrosse team.  

Throughout high school, Morrison felt that she had grown as a person. “I’ve made new relationships, learned academically, grew physically, grew emotionally, learned more of my likes and dislikes in all aspects,” she explained. She feels as though she is leaving high school with a greater understanding of who she is as a person.

Senior Abigail Morrison poses for a picture with her family. JORDAN CAPLIS

As time moves forward, seniors of Malden High School will begin to make their commitments public, prepare to go to college and spend their time making as many memories as they can before they graduate on June 2nd. 

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