Cheerleaders Cheer up Valentines with Their Sweet Treats

On January 5th, Malden High School’s cheer team posted the form to purchase their sweet treats and gifts for Valentine’s Day. These treats allowed students to brighten someone’s day with a gift to someone special to them.

This is the second year the cheer team has hosted this event, and in the first year, it brought major success for the team’s fundraising as well as for the cheer community because it provided an opportunity for the team to get closer, so they decided to host it again. Junior Saniah Charles, one of the captains of the team, felt that “this event helps us get closer because we’re able to bond, laugh, have fun, and work together to make these treats.”

Taliyah Lauture, a sophomore on the team, echoed this sentiment as well, stating that, “this event allows the team to come together as everyone works together to complete the treats!” 

Some treats they worked on together were glitter roses, cookie boxes, chocolate-covered strawberry boxes, strawberry bouquets, cake jars, and their special “My Sweetie” box.

Left: Flyer to order Valentines treats on @maldenhigh.cheer Instagram account. Right: Glitter bouquet prepared by cheer team. Photo submitted by Saniah Charles.

Just after the first Instagram post, the cheer team gained significant traction on their form. “In order to prepare the orders, everyone came together and worked on different parts according to what was on the orders,” Lauture described. 

All of the orders were passed out on Valentine’s Day, and customers and their recipients received their beautiful arrangements.  “I like this event, it’s really fun and cute. I can’t wait to host it again next year as well!” Charles exclaimed. “It’s a nice way to raise money for the team with a lot of different Valentine's treats to choose from,” Lauture added.

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