Another Sweep for the Girls’ Tennis Team: 4/29 Match Photo Gallery

On March 29th the girls’ tennis team had their sixth match of the season against the Somerville Highlanders. The girls’ tennis team has yet to be beaten with a current record of 5-0, and they have triumphantly won all five of their matches by a sweep of 5-0. Their most recent match against the Highlanders also resulted in an amazing sweep 5-0, bringing their current record to 6-0. With how well things are going so far, the team seems to be getting closer and closer to becoming the GBL Champs for the third year in a row. Doubles have been continuously played by juniors Julinna Lin and Sarah Pham as well as sophomores Sofi Le and Remi Yang, both of whom have showcased their skills time and time again. For the first set, both doubles had a score of 6-4, and a score of 6-3 for the second set, adding two points to Malden’s overall score. Junior Ivanna Marinkovic and captains senior Chloe Chen and junior Isabelle Tan played the singles. Chen won both sets with a score of 6-1 while Marinkovic also won both sets, 6-1 for the first set and 6-0 for the second set. Each gaining yet another point for Malden. Tan won her first set 6-1 and her second set 7-5, resulting in another win for the Malden girls’ tennis team.

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