Black Tie Elegance: Prom 2024 Updates

As this year’s prom approaches for Malden High, a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts circle around. This is a once-in-a-lifetime day for MHS seniors to express their style and enjoy a night with their loved ones.

The theme for this year's prom is Black Tie Affair. Save the date! It is on May 22nd, 2024, at Danvers Port Yacht Club. It is a gorgeous waterfront property. The ticket price is $75; some may think it is expensive, but it has dropped $10 since last year. It also includes food, transportation, and music. It takes care of everything besides personal maintenance. 

“People who have been in our joy block for planning prom! There have been many teachers who have also helped us, such as Ms. Fornash. We chose the theme through making inspiration boards for each theme and having people in our joy block vote for which one they liked the best,” Class of 24 Social Media Coordinator Keira Lin said.

The student council and many seniors have been looking forward to this prom since freshman year. 

So far, there have been many exciting comments from the seniors about the venue. “I think our venue is beautiful; it’s such a great view to watch and get nice photos. I like how they kept it elegant,” said Julisa Ramirez. 

Jayden Caplis continued with the venue’s appearance, saying, “As someone who attended last year's prom, I am very excited to go back to this venue because just as much as the inside is beautiful, the outside has such an amazing and beautiful view too. It overlooks the water as well as the space in the building being so open where everyone can interact with one another.” 

There are a few different reasons why the seniors want to go. Angelina Colon said, “I plan to go, as it’s a huge high school tradition that many seniors look up to.” Ramirez added, “I do plan on going, it’s a fun opportunity to put on your best fit and go all out. I wanted to have fun with my friends and have a good time with music and dancing.” Caplis also explained, "I plan on going to prom because it’s one of my last times to be a part of the school and to have a fun night with my friends before we all separate and go down different paths in life.”

“We balanced the budget with the help of advisors setting up limits for how much we want to spend for each aspect of prom. We also have the help of our treasurer, Larissa, who knows the ins and outs of our budget and helps greatly!” stated Lin.

These are also unforgettable moments for seniors. This isn’t another regular event, this is an exceptional day that you might spend with your friends or significant others and be able to look back on. 

This day allows these seniors to experience one more day to hang out with all their peers at one last school event. It allows them to go big or go home and show off what they’ve worked for these last four years. 

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