Boys’ Volleyball Arlington Photo Gallery

From left to right: Boys’ Volleyball team hypes themselves up before the game begins; the team discussing options and their next play during a timeout. EMILLY WEIHRAUCH

Following their JV team’s win, the Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team faced an exciting and competitive game on May 3 against Arlington’s Volleyball team. The anticipation for the game did not lead to disappointment, as Malden’s team won the match 3-1, with the last set ending in a score of 28-26. Malden found it an easy win- as they have triumphed over their team before on numerous occasions. The crowds on both teams were ecstatic, cheering for numerous good plays and point gains.

“Not our best game, but the boys played well enough to win on the road in a difficult environment. It was a busy week for us and the boys finished strong,” explained Volleyball coach Daniel Jurkowski. Regardless, Varsity led Malden to success in their last game against Arlington for the season.

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