Girls’ Softball Reaches Bittersweet End as Seniors Depart

Senior nights are meant to be emotional for many reasons, but nothing is the same as the love and passion the girls shared during their softball season. 

“Tonight’s been really fun,” senior Marianne Rivadeneira said when reflecting on her final game in her high school career. “I think today’s been one of our best games, especially when it comes to batting. Throughout the whole experience, it’s been really educational. I’ve learned so much playing different positions, which is the first time I’ve ever done this.”

Senior Marianne Rivadeneira’s senior poster and gifts. CHOUAIB SAIDI

Seniors played their final game in their high school careers on Malden grounds and hope to establish meaning and leave everything they have got on the field.

“My one inning that I was in, I felt pretty amazing,” said senior Meklit Abel. “ It’s kind of sad, bittersweet, I would say. I feel like our chemistry’s been really good this season. It’s just, it’s been hard with our swinging ability when we get up on bat. I think it’s the lack of energy that we have. It’s kind of hard to hit the ball… I feel like our defense is really good, don’t get me wrong, but our offense is kind of lacking.”

“I’d give it a 10 out of 10. I enjoy playing with the girls. I love them very much, and I hope the same is reciprocated from them,” senior Jayden Caplis said.

From left to right: Senior Jayden Caplis and her family posing for a picture before the Senior night game; Senior Meklit Abel poses with family during Senior Night. CHOUAIB SAIDI

The girls have put in hard work and made memories throughout the softball season. With that, the seniors can leave knowing that they have made a huge impact on the softball team and are passing their thrones to upcoming seniors of next year.

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