Multicultural Night Celebration Returning

As May rolls around, so does the Multicultural Night hosted almost every year at Malden High. The Multicultural Night is a unique opportunity for different cultures to showcase and embrace their heritage. It’s a place where you can also learn about other cultures. 

Malden High is the most diverse school in the state of Massachusetts per Niche, so the desire to celebrate students’ background and heritage is high. This is the tenth year Malden High is hosting this event, but unfortunately, it was not performed last year. A lack of participation from students caused this setback for the Multicultural Club, but this year they plan to come back even stronger and with more participation from students.

Poster of the food competition being held at the Multicultural Night. Poster of advertising the Multicultural Night. 

"I think it's important to have these types of events in the school to build the community. We talk about the diversity of the city, but do we celebrate it?" said Yahaira Marquez, Advisor of the Multicultural Club. You can't have diversity in Malden and not acknowledge it, which is what Marquez and the students she works with attempt to achieve.

Not only is Multicultural Night a way to celebrate cultures, but it can also be a way to have a friendly competition. You can compete to see who has the best dish and who is the best at cooking. It is also a nice entertainment factor for people who decide to attend. 

“As a freshman, I am very excited to get to see all the cultures at Multicultural Night because I  have never gone to a cultural event as big as the one at MHS,” expressed freshman Keira Lissaint. For many students, Multicultural Night is a way for students to experience and learn about many different cultures.

“Malden High has always been praised for its diversity and I’m super excited to see all the culture at Malden High be represented. I’m also excited about the discussions and interactions of different cultures, and trying out food and cuisine from all these different cultures”, described by junior Erica Lu. 

Many freshmen last year could not enjoy the wonders of the Multicultural Night. “It was pretty disappointing, that the Multicultural was not hosted last year,  especially since I was looking forward to it, but I am pretty excited to attend this year,” sophomore Madison Cook added.

"Just seeing the interaction with people and the learning that, you might not see, you might not think of it as a learning experience, but it is like, there are some things that I wouldn't have known about, let's say Islamic culture, I could learn about it that night," Marquez stated. 

Although Multicultural Night faced a setback they are more than ready to come back. To go enjoy the night, the event is taking place on May 24th, 5-7 pm in the Gallery and Courtyard.

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