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    Ralph McKenzie is the newest addition to the Malden High school math department. Born in Boston and raised in Braintree, Massachusetts, McKenzie likes to go by Ray instead of his given name, Ralph. He graduated from UMass Boston with a Bachelor’s degree in English on May 2016. When asked about what attracted him to Malden High, McKenzie explained that is was Malden’s diversity that made it the “perfect choice.” In terms of diversity, “[Malden] stands head and shoulders above the rest of the cities in the area.”

    New math teacher Ray McKenzie. Photo by Ryan Hames.

    New math teacher Ray McKenzie. Photo by Ryan Hames.

    When asked why he decided to become a teacher, McKenzie replied that he enjoys “working with students and that [he loves] seeing an enthusiasm on every student for different things.” After being a tutor for a year and a half at different high schools including Boston Public schools, Charlestown High, and Snowden International, this is McKenzie’s first year teaching his own classes and having his own room. McKenzie currently co-teaches Algebra I with Bradley Gelling and Christopher Giordano. Besides teaching that course, McKenzie also runs a support class for the Algebra I students. When asked about what the toughest aspect of his job is, McKenzie replied that it “trying to identify student interests” that was the most challenging. As well as helping them “relate [what they learn] to their daily lives. Like every other new student and teacher, McKenzie is also trying to fully understand the rotating schedule. He mentioned that the “schedule [at Malden High] is pretty crazy and [he is] still trying to fully comprehend it.”

    During his free time, McKenzie enjoys watching football. Like many other Bostonians, McKenzie is a big Patriots fan. He also enjoys listening to music and is passionate about playing video games. “[He loves] listening to jazz, rap, metal, and pretty much everything else except country.” Besides that he also loves reading, especially poetry. He mentioned that his favorite writers include Charles Bukowski, Matthew Dickman, and Stephen King. Due to his interest in poetry, McKenzie hopes to volunteer for this year’s annual “Poetry Out Loud.”

    McKenzie is excited and

    looks forward to the new year and whatever it may bring.


    Having been in America for only 15 months, Subin Bastola is a senior at Malden High who took interest in The Blue and Gold considering his passion for writing, adapting new dexterity, and reading the news itself. Bastola’s interests include activities such as playing and watching soccer, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies, like his favorite: Groundhog Day. Bastola was born in and came from Nepal, where as his father lived in America for seven years. Back in Nepal “things are very different” Bastola says. Instead of students moving from class to class like they do at Malden High, they stay seating while the teachers transfer. “Exams are a lot harder,” announces Bastola. They also have no lockers, so carrying eight books around is a hustle. Bastola learned to speak English in Nepal, where he wrote poems and acclimated the ways and fundamentals of writing. With regulations such as restrictions to growing long hair and having a dress code, Bastola has gotten accustomed to the new school system. Although Bastola doesn’t know that many people in the Blue and Gold yet, he is looking forward to integrating and making new friends in his graduating year at Malden High.

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