• About Joanna Li

    Starting her first year at Malden High School,reshman Joanna “JoJo” Li has decided to expand her horizons and join The Blue and Gold newspaper. Her love of art inspired Li to join the class in hopes that her drawing skills, along with her writing skills, would improve. Outside of class, Li spends most of her time drawing and creating icons. Her favorite movies include Edge of Tomorrow and The Hunter. Li listens to a variety of music, making it difficult for her to pick a favorite artist. She hopes to be able to pursue her passion for art through the newspaper.

    How To Rid Yourself of Boredom

    by  • May 9, 2016 • Homepage • 0 Comments

    Staring at a wall, doing nothing, but thinking what to do. Questions flow through the mind. What should I do with my life? What should I make? Should I go out? Maybe I should make food? Thoughts of actually being active and doing something fun barely happens when you’re used to it or tired...

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    Anime Boston 2016

    by  • April 11, 2016 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

      Every March 25-27, an event is held at Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton Boston Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. An event during which many fans dress up as different characters from mangas, anime and etc. to have fun with friends and others who encourage japanese animations and comics. At these events people are...

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    Wrestling Profile: Coach Jeremiah Smith

    by  • February 4, 2016 • Local, Profiles • 0 Comments

    Wrestling coach Jeremiah Smith loved wrestling while in high school and college, influencing him to take on the coaching position at Malden High School. However, that was not his only reason for becoming a coach. During his time in New Hampshire there was a wrestling program that was cut off, which lead Smith to...

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    Wrestlers Rise Again: v. Saugus High School

    by  • January 6, 2016 • Sports • 0 Comments

    The Malden High School wrestling team faced off against the Billerica Minutemen on Dec 12, 2015.  Though they put up a tough fight, the team was not able to clench the win but was able to identify what needed improving for their next meet against Saugus. On Dec. 17, 2015 ,the team went up...

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    Wrestling Into the Season

    by  • December 10, 2015 • Homepage, Sports • 0 Comments

    During this year’s first meeting for the wrestling team, they actually had their first practice, with all the boys participating in the usual exercises: stretches, jogging, running and crawling, etc. On December 1st, of the 40-or-so students who signed up this year, at least 25 students attending were rookies, meaning they had to learn...

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    Asian Culture Club’s Sushi Social

    by  • November 13, 2015 • Local • 1 Comment

    On Nov. 4, 2015, the Asian Culture Club held a sushi workshop in which they demonstrated how to make sushi rolls. Students bought tickets to attend the workshop.  Students awaited the start of the workshop outside of (teacher’s name)’s classroom that would host the class. When the door is open, the students would rushed...

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    Mystic River Watershed Association: Keeping the Mystic River Clean, One Water Chestnut at a Time

    by  • October 29, 2015 • Homepage • 0 Comments

    The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) is a group of people who are skilled and dedicated to working together to clean the rivers in the United States. The MyRWA’s goal is to connect people to the water resource in their community, specifically the Mystic River, and help them realize the importance of this resource....

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    Harvest Moon Festival

    by  • October 8, 2015 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    Fellsmere Pond Park is a popular place to walk or relax, but on Sep. 19, 2015 the park hosted the Harvest Moon Festival . The festival included a live concert, bouncy house, food trucks, stands from other work place like the”Monkey King Tea.” people with their own business to share their plans or spread...

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    Malden High School New Librarian

    by  • September 30, 2015 • Local, New Teachers • 0 Comments

    Malden High School is giving a warm welcome to new librarian, Mary Liberge. Before making her way to MHS, she was a librarian at the Ferryway School. Liberge originally had wanted to pursue teaching, but her passion for books steered her towards being a librarian. She loved fiction novels as a child and continues...

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