Boys Lacrosse: A Different Type of Team

Coach Brandon Maney giving the team a motivational speech. Photo by: Cristina Peters

Jacob Martino

The Malden High School boys lacrosse team has been preparing themselves for the start of the season in the on coming weeks. The team size seems to be growing in numbers every year. With all the new players this season is a great opportunity to be the turnaround season the team has been looking towards.  Aside from all the newer players, there have been many players on the team have now had the experience to help the team win some games.

Senior Christian Catricala thinks that “the boys show a lot of heart, coach Brandon Maney makes sure we know that winning is not everything, but we all know that we go into the games wan­ting to win.” In past years, the team has somewhat struggled with the competition of the schools who have had a long and running lacrosse program unlike MHS. With that being said, it is not giving players on the team reason to doubt, “Every practice we get better, all of us know that it is not going to be easy for us to be a big threat in the season but every single one of is willing to try.” Catricala commented.

The captains on the team, seniors Dimas Bardales and Daniel Glynn are leading the team in the right direction, making sure that all the younger players understand the game and that the team chemistry flows in a main focus of the captains. “They always make sure there are not any problems within the team, they know how important a good team atmosphere is. Each one of the players on the lacrosse team from freshman to varsity will have a chance to contribute to the team’s success rate throughout the season. “Coach likes to give everyone on the team a chance.” As most can tell, the lacrosse team is not like most other sport teams, unlike the teams where winning is the main focus, the MHS lacrosse team give all kids who want to try this sport a chance to try and meet new people within the school. This is the type of atmosphere that coach Maney wanted to get the players to see.


Markange Alesy
Dimas Bardales
Esteban Brito
Anthony Caceda
Christian Catricala
Stanley Chan
Patrick DeCicco
Allen Delva
Orlando Deras
Cruz Desrochers
Demetri Andrew Dorceus
Josue Gerardo Figueroa
Devin Fitzpatrick
Corey French
Joshua Gaviola
Daniel Glynn
Asef Haider
Eric Huang
Elijah Jean-Baptiste
Paul Kiernan
Aleksander Konomi
Rakeem Langston
Lucas Lima
Bryan Mitchell
Dirir Mohamed
Arefin Mohiuddin
Guilherme Moreira
Ethan Paiva
Tenzin Paljor
Sani Patel
Jamie Pham
Justin Pham
Gabriel Piau
Kieshawn Rattana
Rene Rivera
Thomas Ruddock
Dylan Sadowski
David Saraiva
Lucas Silva
Nicholas Tang
Nathan Urban
Jackie Wang
Sam Wong

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