Crew: Abundance of New Members Lead to Successful Team

Members of the crew team practice in an eight boat at a recent practice on the Malden River. Photo by Amanda Moraes.
Casey Lyons With the amount of new and returning crew members this spring their future looks bright for the season. The crew team has a lot of new members than they last year. They look forward to training everyone and to future races. There are 64 members this year and it is the “most in five years since [she] has been coaching,” stated coach Shauna Campbell. Although having a lot of members can get hectic, the team has managed to figure out a way to organize how they practice. They have tried different ways to organize practices to see which one helps everyone get the same amount of training. So far they have decided to divide practice into two sessions so that everyone can get the help they need. “We do not want the team too separate,” stated  Campbell. So they try to get the team together as much as possible. Crew may seem simple but it really is not. Many new members are not used to the amount of work the crew team puts into practices and are trying to accommodate to their new schedule. The team is working on improving team effort. Some members need to put in all their effort to make sure that the team is improving so that they know they are prepared. The boys team also wants to maintain their Greater Boston League title and the boys varsity team want to qualify for finals and states. Whereas the girls want to start getting on the map and start building a strong team to be able to compete. But in order to make a sport fun for everybody they need to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. “Especially with the several new members we have this season, it is not easy to detect discomfort and insecurity in a team member,” stated senior captain Manny Martinez. The varsity team and coaches are trying to make the environment enjoyable and exciting for everyone. They want to make sure everyone is comfortable. “[Crew] is really fun and different,” exclaimed Campbell. The crew team is happy and excited to work with all the new members and hopes that it will be a great season with all the effort and hard work everyone can contribute to the team. Roster Becky Broomstein Robyn Farrell Bestine Cong Meagan Sullivan Amanda De Moraes Alana Burdine Cassandra Jimenez Catalina Arredondo Ashley Paniagua Claudia Baptista Julie Lam Devon Moran Ghita Jaouhari Jessica Vieira Katie Troung Keirra Sweeney Lesley Ta Nicole Santorelli Sabrina Giuliano Samantha Kiernan Sammantha Dorazio Stephanie Silva Jessica McLeod Doris Zegarra Emmanuel Martinez Alan Nie Andrew Araiza Jason Drapinski Igor Alves Kelvin Nguyen Darrell Workman Tsz Fung Lau Chris Lee Daniel Doza Daniel McClenthen Eric Chen Eric Weng Ivan Williams James Hickey Jonathan Drapinski Kevin Almonacid Kevin Bui Ledoux Musasa Long Nguyen Mohamed Anwar Noah Chau Phong Chu Sebastian Patino Steven Angulo Tristar To Tyler Zeng Keith Rachels Sebastien Percy Angelica Cranberry Carol Lam Mikaela Cassie Angelica Brewer John Dovan Danielle Musasa John Hastings Yanet Villanueva John Du Tenzin Paljor

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