With positive attitudes and the right gardening tools, Malden High School’s Environmental Club initiated their plan to create a better environment. Science teacher Kathleen Maglio, the advisor of the club, wanted to weed and plant new tulips on the school grounds after “visually seeing the weeds.” Tulips were bought due to their ability to outstand the winter cold, and to bloom in the spring.

After forty minutes, the group learned how to differentiate between a weed and other plants, as well as plant flowers in the most effective way. Maglio believes the students have a new “appreciation” for weeding and planting.
Michelle Dang, a senior in the club, supports this fully; she learned that this “new experience” could be fun, and it was “quick and easy” to make a great change in the school environment.
The event went really well because everyone “knew what to do; they all had their own spot,” according to Dang. This was the first time the group “planted collectively,” and it turned out to be very successful. Dang hopes next year’s group will do the same.

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