A commonly heard proverb is that “knowledge is power.” It has stood the test of time, earning its very own competition at MHS. On January 10, 2013, Trivia Night took place in Cafeteria A. Questions in categories ranging from history to pop culture were given to a vast assortment of teams, who would then scramble to answer and bet points, from one to twelve. If you got the question right, your team got the points. The illustrious grand prize of $100 dared all who entered to try and claim it.

“It [was] fun. I didn’t even think it [would] be this much fun!” remarked Kelsey Conti, a senior and member of the team “The Purple Hippos.” Enthusiasm filled the air as friendly rivalries bloomed, a testament to a team’s true intelligence. Some questions were no-brainers, one of which asked about PSY and his hit song “Gangnam Style,” while others proved quite difficult, including one about the position of Secretary of State.

When asked about her favorite category, Hannah Calderone, another “Purple Hippos” member, replied “It [would] be pop culture, because face it, who doesn’t like pop culture?” Some teams shined in a bout of well-roundedness, while others were applauded for at least trying their hardest.

While MHS students made up the majority of the pack, another group of adults also joined in on the fun. Team names like “Breakfast Pizza” and “Old Direction” brought smiles to faces but also hid a secret; the knowledge behind age. In fact, “Old Direction,” a team composed entirely of history teachers, Kevin Kilbride, Jamie Green, Gregory Hurley, Richard Tivnan, and Jonathan Copithorne dominated for most of the night and threatened to steal first place.

Trivia Night wasn’t completely random. “This was a great idea hosted by the class of 2014!”, said senior Valentine Banor, a member of “Bro Talk 2.0.” All profits did, in fact, go to funding for the MHS Class of 2014. As the night came to a close, the winning team was finally announced, “The Fab Five” consisting of seniors Amanda Ramsey, Joyce Ly, Fricya Silva, Melissa Light and Danielle Aguinaldo. The team eagerly clamored to the front of the room, posing for pictures and splitting the spoils.

It will never be forgotten during the silence when the answer was to be announced, people would shout lewd things like “Iron,” “Hillary Clinton”, and a high pitched “The letter A!”. Considering the event was such a great success, the class of 2014 eagerly awaits next year’s Trivia Night.

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