Senior swim team member Jonathan Drapinski will sadly be departing from Malden High School come June. His high spirits which always fill the hallways with joy and bring a smile to everyone’s face, will be missed.

Drapinski entered high school as “a soft spoken eighth grader, and after being [at MHS] for four years, [he has] opened up so much…” and states that MHS has helped him grow up to be the self proclaimed “young charming, handsome, witty, fabulous, fantastic, ravishing gentleman that [he is] today.”

He enjoys both the team and individual aspects of swimming, plus the smell of the chlorine after a workout. The sport of swimming has accounted for his appreciation for “the little things” and his realization of the amount of “effort…needed to put into something to make it look effortless.”

What he loves most about MHS is the ability to do “any activity that interests you.” He has been given “the best of both worlds” by being “on sports teams while still doing things [he is] passionate about, such as theater. At MHS, you can be on a sports teams, yet still do artsy things.” The “camaraderie” at MHS and his teammates from swimming are two of the many things he will miss about high school.

After graduation, Drapinski plans on heading off to college, but has yet to decide where. He is not set on a major yet, but is contemplating majoring in communication and film, and a possible minor in theater. He states that “you [do not] realize how fast time goes by until [you are] racing against the clock, whether it be swimming, crew, play production or band, no matter what the activity is, MHS always has this way of making you feel like you are a part of something so much more.”

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