As the year winds down and everyone is anticipating summer, senior Evans Liang is preparing himself for college. As his final year of Malden High School is here, Liang has finished his high school career by playing tennis for two years. Entering college, Liang plans to major in computer science. Liang is planning to attend the University of Umass Amherst this upcoming fall. When asked what he believed college would be like, Evans stated that “college will be similar to high school except that [he] will have greater opportunity to meet new people.”

During his tennis career, Liang’s favorite thing about was the fact that he was able to play matches by himself. Liang likes the fact that he does not have to blame anyone but himself on the court if there was a mistake. Throughout his high school career, Liang was also a basketball player inside and outside of school. Liang wants to continue his tennis career throughout his college, but the sport is so competitive in college that he is unsure. Liang admits that he is going to miss his friends, who he believes truly make Malden High such a fantastic place.

Although Liang believes this past tennis season was tough he expressed that, “[they] learned a lot from [their] losses this year. We stay together, we have each other’s back, and our team never gives up. [Liang is] sure everyone on the team learned something from this season.”

Liang’s goal until the season ends is to prepare his team for the upcoming season next year without him. One of the most influential people that built Liang’s high school career is Mr. Marques. After taking classes with Mr. Marques, Liang expresses how much Mr. Marques has influenced him to major into computer programming.

Liang has not only been excellent in sports, but also in his academics. Liang has juggled AP classes, sports, and also clubs all at once. Throughout his high school career he has learned how to manage his time, which is essential to life. School has always been his top priority and will continue to be as he continues his education as a UMass Amherst student.

As the final countdown for the seniors rapidly comes to an end, Liang will spend his final days as a senior with his boys’ tennis team. His teammates will miss his dearly and wish him the best of luck.

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