Since her freshman year, Kelsey Conti has shown through her athletic career that dedication and tenacity are key in being a part of the track and field team at Malden High School. Conti enjoys spending time with her teammates, and expressed that, “when [she] first came on the team, [Conti] tried the shot put first and just jumped into other things…[She likes] the people who did it [and] it is a lot of fun.”

Excelling in other areas of her life, Conti is a part of concert choir and plays guitar. Conti expresses that she will miss being apart of Junior Varieties with Patricia Seun; “[it] was one of the best days ever.”

At home, Conti enjoys songwriting, cooking, and baking. Conti’s definition of success is doing something you love. “[She feels] like if you’re doing what you want to do, [and it] makes you happy, then you’re the most successful person that you can be,” Conti expressed. Conti plans to attending Smith College this fall and hopes to be successful in whatever she plans to major in.

As senior internship season approached, Conti decided to intern with the PACE Program, located in second floor A-House with Ms. Brody, who joined the MHS community this year. Being part of the program has helped Conti understand what she wants to do for the rest of her life. After experimenting with teaching, Conti hopes to pursue a career that includes education.

During the internship, she expressed, “[being in the] same room with [her students] brightens [her] day.” Throughout her time with the program, Conti knows that even if she has a hard day, showing up and helping others is what truly motivates her to get through the day . Conti expresses, “if people were willing to get to  know these students, they’d see how great [they] are.”

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