Introducing Class of 2014, 2015, 2016


The student council leaders hold a special position within our school, working to build credibility, trust, unity. The officers are all hardworking and were picked by their student class for their outstanding leadership qualities and outgoing personalities to make their high school year better. Being a part of the student council means contributing ideas, such as fundraisers, which include flea markets, bake sales, dances and much more.


 Each officer had their own stories to share about their experiences working in the student council. The Class of 2014 had a lot to say, because president Monica Joseph and other fellow officers  have been friends since freshman year. The officers are “usually on the same page about everything,” Joseph stated which as a result “makes everything [they] do for the class easier.” Although it is hard as a president due to the pressure that may come along with it, Joseph accepts the challenge because she, “finds it very rewarding when people trust [her] reasoning.” The student council of 2014 is also under the pressure of raising enough money from senior activities, but they are doing exceptionally well with funding. However, president Joseph explained that, “more [funds] would be good too.” Advisor Jennifer Rogowicz explained that, “the class has become more independent,” and that since sophomore year, “the students have used their own ideas and took leadership in planning events.” The class has become increasingly creative as seen last year with their witty skits for Junior Varieties.


 The Class of 2015 is in the process of organizing several events, such as Junior Varieties,  to encourage class involvement. Their numerous fundraisers include the current cookie dough fundraiser, and also “Junior Varieties, which brings in most of the profits for junior year,” said student council advisor Paula Valente. Besides being the advisor, Valente stated that “[she] also enjoys spending time with [all] the students.” Junior year is crucial because it is right before senior year, which requires a lot of funds: prom tickets, graduation, yearbook, among others. According to president Ashmael Brun, “being on the student council is amazing. It teaches you leadership skills and proper time management and you also gain a great sense of confidence.” Fundraising starts with different ideas suggested from each officer, but also other members of the class. Once agreed on one, “[they] go and ask [Principal Dana Brown] what he thinks.” If he agrees that it is a good idea, the officers go ahead with it. Vice president and Blue and Gold member Julie Lam explained that the biggest struggle is “juggling AP classes, sports, clubs while finding [convenient] times to set up meetings.” The Class of 2015 is mostly focused on Junior Varieties because “[it is] the fastest and most efficient way to fundraise,” Lam explained. The main goal for the class officers is to find the “right venue for prom, along with decreasing the prices for other events” that occur during senior year. They also hope to “finish up strong” their senior year.


 Although the Class of 2016 had a late start with their student council, this year they have raised nearly $2,000 dollars from successful fundraising. The officers are hoping to make it the best year for everyone and create, “a great high school experience,” according to Joylyn Norris. The officers joined for the sole purpose of making a change and becoming involved in the decisions that will impact their high school experience. There are also a couple of fundraising events that are coming up, such as the Friday Night Rave dance on Oct. 25, 2013. “[It is] best to start now,” said president Norris, and “have a solid foundation for what to do to make junior and senior year as easy and as fun as possible.” The only obstacle vice president Cassandra Reyes found was the fear of “how an event will turn out.” However, they have been successful and she is confident that “[her] class will have a good experience” and “[elevated] school spirit.” The class has a lot of potential because of their few, but successful, fundraising events such as the concession stand, flea market, and car washes. President Ricky Cordero is very positive that “[his] class is special and headed for greatness.” Principal Brown was the one to step up for the Class of 2016 when they were ready to begin their journey. Brown explained, “[class fundraisers] were also [successful] thanks to Dorothy Levine and Barbara Scibelli who kept [him] on track.”

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