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The Surface is Microsoft’s latest device and has topped even the iPad mini itself. When it comes to multitasking the Surface does it all. For instance, if you ever wanted to, you could watch movies while doing your homework all at once. Its thin and sleek design makes it very convenient for storing in backpacks or purses and its kickstand makes it perfect for watching videos and reading. in The Surface RT is a great candidate for school because it comes with Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Onenote, and Outlook; making it beneficial for both homework and class use. The default save to SkyDrive allows you to conveniently manage all types of documents online, access them on your tablet, and share them with others. Not to mention, it comes with free cloud service with 7GB and, unlike the iPad, the Surface has access to multiple accounts so that the whole family can use it and even have their own personal files saved on their own account.

When it comes to cost the Surface is much cheaper compared to the iPad and other tablet devices. The iPad costs around a whopping $500 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 also costs around $450 whereas the Surface is priced reasonably at $350. Students only want the most affordable accessible electronics when it comes to doing school work and projects so the Surface fits that criteria. When using it, you can choose whether you want to go on the desktop, which acts as a real Windows computer, or on the app list, where you can choose from photos, games, the weather, and many more useful features. With the Surface you can easily hook it up to most printers with no problem and it also has microSD and USB ports; perfect for uploading pictures.Not only does the Surface have more qualities than the iPad, but it also has more accessible tools which makes it very useful for school, work, or home use. Not to mention that it is perfect for entertainment, since Netflix can be accommodated, which makes it great for travel. If you are a student it is very recommended, from a current High School student, you can use many Word programs and it has easy access to Gmail and Google Documents. If you are looking for a practical and affordable piece of technology the surface is the best choice.


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