Get out the chalk, set up the volt, layout the mats, and get ready because the Malden High School gymnastics team is coming your way. They have put in the time and effort to perfect their routines and have gone through the hard practices. Gymnastics is said to be one of the “hardest sports in the world”, and the MHS gymnastics team has proved that they have the ability and passion to conquer the sport.

With the gymnastics season slowly coming to an end, the team has done amazing well. During each meet they had beat their high score. As coach Vanessa James said, “this season so far has been really, really exciting for [them].” A lot of girls and boys that have not done gymnastics before, had joined the team and have been learning the skills and have been doing very well. James says that the newcomers to the team bring “enthusiasm” to the table and are excited to give gymnastics a try.

Along with the returning members, the new members have been “brave”, James says. The team gets along with each other, they all help each other improve. She says “getting up on these events and [they’re] all by [themselves] it is not like [they] have the whole team around [them], so that is really brave of them.” James loves working with the team “they are all so different, and they all get along really well.” Every meet that the team has been to, their all-around score has gone up. Their meet on Thursday, January 23 against Medford, the team crushed their high score with a 124.35 and Medford had 107.7.

Freshman Nicolle Batista says, “the season’s been good so far [they’ve] only lost one meet, so [she] thinks it is going good.” The team is hoping to become GBL champions, with them getting closer and beating their high score each meet, they have a really nice chance of becoming the GBL Champions.

The gymnasts have worked hard and still working hard to improve. They will end the season on a good note, and make Malden proud. James said the season has been, “exciting and has gone by really fast.” This season James has seen a lot of improvement in the returning members, and sees the new members doing big things in the next season.


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