With just a few games left till the end of the season, the Malden High School’s girls basketball team has worked extremely hard to push through the last stretch.  With tough competition and the team slowly dwindling the girls have fought with strength and vigour to end their long winter season.  Lead by coach Lydia Coverdale, the team continues its’ difficult practices in hopes to finish strong.

Although the team has not yet won a game they have fought a tough battle.  Now down to only 8 varsity players, the loss of members has physically affected the girls.  With the less players means more playing time which causes the team to get worn out easily. But the girls are extremely tough and will not let this obstacle get the best of them.  Leading the girls is junior captain Michaela Illebode, encouraging her teammates both on and off the court to stay positive.  The season has been hard but that has only caused, “[the team] to grow much stronger and closer than any other year,” states Illebode.

With only two seniors, Regine Exume and blue and gold member Kristen Leonard, the team is mainly junior dominated. Although the the team will be at a loss without these girls, the bond they have created this year will certainly help them to compete next season.

One of the teams most successful games was the one against Georgetown.  With great communication between the players, “it was the game we played most like a team,” expressed Illebode.  Not only that but it was the closest the team came to winning, only down by three points.

Basketball is a tough sport.  It requires the dedication and cooperation of each and every player to work as a cohesive unit.  Without the communication and physical capabilities the sport demands the team will not succeed.  The MHS girls have dedicated so much time to this sport, putting in hours of practice and game time. Everyday the team improves, and they can only learn and move forward from their losses.  With great aspirations for next year the players will continue to hone their skills in the off season. The bond and friendships the girls have created on the team extends way past the court and that is the true success the team has accomplished.

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