The movie is solely explained through its own title, a story of two people that had never talked, falling into the depths of love directed by Shana Feste. A tale of first love ending as your last love. Alex Pettyfer (David Elliot) known from Beastly and Gabriella Wilde (Jade Butterfield) star as the main character that display a love that is worth fighting for, a cliche topic, however not in this movie, while her selfish father Bruce Greenwood (Hugh Butterfield). The acting of the stars is well done, to the point that the audience is locked into their every emotion and action. A tear jerker that will also remind you of your first love.Shana Feste had a few movies before but none that kept the audience on the inches of their seats like this one.

The camera focuses on Elliot and his love for Butterfield, the rich girl that has always been the quiet girl in school, unlike Elliot. Their love is put to the test when her father see’s Elliot as a threat to Butterfields future, pulled apart by her father, they stay strong and faithful to their love, a similarity to the classic of Romeo and Juliet. A PG-13 movie that has some rated R scenes, that will keep you wanting more.

Elliot’s character helps Butterfield feel the thrill of being a “young and dumb” teen that she had missed. The kissing and making out is very similar to the 1981 original “Endless love” without “disturbingly over in-love” David Elliot and somewhat normal family of Jade Butterfield. Feste has done a great job on the remake, that the one can not be called the other. A love so pure that only the two can feel its passion.

There was no special effect or anything unique, but the actors were the one who created such heartfelt entertainment. A basic story of a love that is teared apart by their social class, a rich Jade and middle class David. Their love is soon broken by the clutches of peers and family. A perfect love story for the idealistic romantic or just a guy who's into chick flicks.

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