By PJ MONTEZUMA LeBron_James_at_GSW Controversially the most talked about man in the media and National Basketball Association, 29 year old LeBron James has made his mark in history and his career is far from over. The other night on March 3, 2014 James scored his career high 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats who are ranked 7th for defense. Going 8 for 10 from behind the arc, James said “Once you get into a zone, you feel like you’re shooting a golfball into the ocean.” And that he did, finishing that game shooting 22 for 33, with his 61 points breaking the Heats previous record of points scored by a single player(56 points). LeBron James is always being talked about, comparing him up to other NBA players and is a main source of arguments whether over social medias, sports talk shows, or even between high school student basketball players. Who’s the best player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Who’s better, LeBron or Kobe Bryant? Who should win most valuable player, LeBron or Kevin Durant? My question is why can’t anyone just talk about LeBron and all his accomplishments? Despite his attitude and ego and his occasional flops, James is a great basketball player and inspires many young children to follow their dreams. James was drafted first round first pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers after his senior year. Later going on to win Rookie of the year. Now his accomplishments consist of 2 NBA Championships, 2 Finals MVP, 4 regular season MVPs, 10 NBA All Star appearances, NBA scoring champion(2008), Cleveland Cavaliers all time scorer, and has even played on Team USA 3 times in the Olympics winning a gold medal twice and one bronze medal. James’ biggest topic on social media besides his receding line up and his flopping skills, is who is the better player: him or Jordan. And the answer is, the world will never know. You will be able to compare their statistics and accomplishments at a certain age, but no one will ever come to a conclusion. The reason is no one will ever be happy with that answer, because it doesn’t matter about the statistics when you’re a fan of someone, your argument can include stats but it all ends in an opinion. It will all be opinions due to the fact that the two played in completely different time periods and with different styles to the game. However, both had made their mark in NBA’s History and will go down as two of the greatest players to play the game.  

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