Spring Cleaning DIY Collage By JULIA PARKER

Do you have a cluttered desk at home that needs some real organization, but it seems like too much time and work to put into it? Your drawers are probably messy, and your papers and office supplies are most likely spread all over your desk. If you want to avoid that, follow these tips and  the task of spring cleaning will be much smoother.

In the middle of the school year, you can find all your desk drawers to be junk drawers. You can easily keep your office supplies (such as pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.) sorted with a cutlery tray that you can find at any dollar store. It easily keeps your writing tools separated and organized. Another tray to use could be a muffin tin, which is great for organizing smaller things, like rubber bands, paper clips, and even hair accessories such as bobby pins and small hair clips.

Another way to keep your supplies neat becomes a creative way of recycling toilet paper rolls. It keeps everything separated and out of the way, and a very “green” idea.

For the ladies, a problem you may have is keeping your jewelry untangled and organized, which can be a difficult task. For something that looks so easy, really takes a lot of time and effort to do. A cheap, but very efficient way to make the job much easier is by using of all things, a pegboard.


Supplies You Will Need

  • 16 inch x 16 inch Plastic Pegboard (Found at Home Depot for $6)

  • 2-inch Bugle-head Phillips screws (Found at Home Depot for $6/box)

  • Invisible Hanging Wire (Found on Amazon for less than $5)

  • Pegboard Hooks (Found at any local hardware store for less than $5)

  • Soup cans (optional)

  1. Once you get the pegboard, paint it whatever color you want, unless you want to keep the pegboard the color it comes in. This step is optional.

  2. Next, you have to find the right hardware to hold up the board, since it will be heavy afterwards. So, with your 2-inch screws, use a phillips screwdriver to put them into the top corners of the board, about halfway in.

  3. Next, you will take your hanging wire, and tie it around both of the screws. It is suggested that you do this twice, in order to avoid the wire snapping.

  4. Now that you are able to hang the board, you can take your pegboard hooks, and place them where you wish to have them. Along with hooks, you can also drill holes into old soup cans (you can also paint those the color you wish) and hang those onto the pegboard, to hold your bigger bracelets or other accessories that won’t get tangled together. This is another way to recycle creatively!

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