A Night of Rememberance: Immortalizing Paul Famiglietti



As the Jenkins House doors slid open May 29th, a nostalgic silence was set over Malden High School’s auditorium. Family members, faculty, and MHS students alike gathered within the Jenkins auditorium to once again pay respect to and remember a now missing piece of Malden High School: Paul “Fam” Famiglietti.

The dedication ceremony was held in order to commemorate the completion and reveal of a plaque, an immortalization of the man that was Paul Famiglietti. The eerie quiet was soon replaced with the soft, yet joyful chatter of family members, students, and faculty alike. An energy of hope flowed throughout the halls of Malden High School as people truly remembered who Paul Famiglietti was and what he brought to the community, rather than the fact that he is now gone.

“He meant so much to Malden High School” explained MHS principal Dana Brown. The completion of the plaque now present in Jenkins Auditorium, means that Malden High School will never forget the name “Fam.” In his time at MHS, Famiglietti contributed an incredible amount to a full spectrum of Malden High’s programs and events. Even as new generations of students are admitted to MHS who have never known Famiglietti, his memory lives on forever both now in spirit and within the school itself. “I miss him to this day, so doing this tonight was the very least we could do for him.”

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