By CANDELA DIAZ All around the school, flyers and posters represent the beginning of a new campaigning season at Malden High School. Every year, each class is allowed to simulate a real life experience and vote for the people they want, to give them power over the rest. Positions such as president, vice president, and others are available, and every one can run for whichever one they want. This experience was new to many freshmen who did not have presidents in their middle school classes. After many rough weeks of campaigning and getting advocacy from people, the election came to an end. For the class of 2017, Alansky Ulysse was voted president over other candidates such as Sumaya Aden, Blue and Gold member Tatyanna Cabral and Grace Melo. Rachel Tran won vice president, Vivian Nguyen for secretary, Tenzin Ngawang for treasurer and Caroline Fitzgerald for historian. Fellow classmate Aden explained she felt “happy for [Alansky]” and congratulated him. Cabral was “happy [she] was that [Alansky] won, but how upset [she] was that [she] did not win”, she said while giggling. Treasure Ngawang advocated for change: “enough with the car washes; [they] do too many of those.” Her goals include raising money, and having a “fun prom.” We congratulate those who won, and hope the best for them. There are more years yet to come for those who did not get the position they wished for, but we wish them the best of luck in the future. It is a fun experience to interpret a real life government, and an excitement to see what our classmates can do to improve our class.

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