Girls Tennis: Closing the Courts

Manale Zouhir


Senior Christine Le hitting the ball.
Senior Christine Le hitting the ball.

Though Malden High School’s girls tennis team is wrapping up the season, they are not slowing down. This season has been rocky yet prosperous, proving the team’s dedication and progress.

“We all want to improve and play smart. We would learn from our last match and work on our weak points so that we can play smarter against our opponents the next time we meet,” stated senior tennis member Hanh Pham. This is proved true by the scores the tennis team has been receiving.

“The season has been going pretty well, we are improving from one match to the next.” Pham expressed regarding previous matches.

Practice does prove to make perfect, they have noticed, as they have been holding practices every day since the season started, and once a week in the winter season. Their practices take place at Ameridge Park in Malden, which is a place that the team is used to, as they have been practicing there for years. This season there were several home matches, which gives a slight advantage to Malden. “We can’t let them beat us on our own courts,” Pham expressed in regards to a previous Cambridge home meet.

The tennis team has a work ethic that is similar to a family. Though they are all friendly as a team in unison, it is more than that. “I think we’ve gotten closer this year, we’re definitely hanging out more and joking around with each other. I can’t wait for our next lunch/dinner date,” added Pham.

Despite the fun times they have on and off the court, it is not always fun and games for the team. They have suffered through a few losses but have been able to boost their morale. The team constantly puts forth their best efforts, which is most important. Senior Christine Le also expressed that, “The sense of family we have and our mutual love for the sport [is important].”

The girls tennis team is constantly pushing themselves to their limits to achieve the best that they can. Their states meet was on Thursday, May 29, 2014. The girls suffered an unfortunate loss, but did not let it affect them. As senior Cori Malone added, “Winning isn’t everything, but it’s what we do best. Work hard from the beginning and it’ll take you places.”

Le added that, “In addition to the titles and competition, we’re looking to improve on our strategy, speed, and strength, and to become great team members as well as tennis players.” It is safe to say that this is a similar goal for all the members, as it is their duty to make the team as successful as possible.

The dedication of the team is very evident. It is something that is not going to change no matter what, and the team will continue to bond year after year to keep the traditions alive.

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