Boys Track: Strong Team, Strong Strides

Felicia Fallano


Senior captains Daniel Gould and David Kibazo running side by side during a dual meet.
Senior captains Daniel Gould and David Kibazo running side by side during a dual meet.

The boys track team finished strong this year with a record of 2-2. The team has had many victories throughout the whole year in cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track, and with victories comes hard work and dedication.

The team believes that they have had ups and downs this season just like any team, but they are proud of their performances in their events. Junior Nahom Ghile said he is glad they had a lot of state qualifiers this year and, “even though [they did not] do as well GBL-wise as a whole, [they] all grew as a team.” Ghile believes that, “the team reached their goal in [their] own way.”

According to Senior Daniel Gould, he also believed that the team was really efficient during practice.” He also thought that there was a new “level of talent that we never had before.”

According to Coach David Londino, the record of 2-2 was due to, “injuries at critical times of the season.” Londino, who was recently presented with the Division 1 Coach Of The Year Award, was, according to many members of the team, the reason behind every success that team earned. He has been coaching them through losses and wins.

Ghile shared the most important thing Londino taught them this year’ “what to do and what not to do, both off and on the track, whether it is the way [they] eat or [their] work ethic to make sure that [they] do the best [they] could possibly do.” In agreement, Gould said Londino is great at, “keeping [them] on task and knowing what [they] have to do to fill that kind of potential that he always wants [them] to be able to be aware of.”

Even though Londino has proved himself to know how to lead a team to many victories, he still sets goals for himself to ensure that he is doing his job right. Londino said he wants to make sure everyone gets the attention and training they need to develop and help the team, which “[he] felt was achieved.” Londino had many beliefs, but the most important onehe had was to keep working. He said that, “[it is] cliche, but the idea [of] hard work pays off.” Even though there were losses, Londino is still, “happy with the effort of the team.”

State qualifiers included senior captains Richard Mulo, David Kibazo, Claude Bonnet and senior Janah Chapman. As well as juniors Kingdolphe Julien, Ghile and Mark Ortiz, alongside freshman Isaac Mukala. The 4×100 relay team of freshmen Marvens Fedna, Chapman, junior Jodens Didie, and Mulo.The relay team of Mukala, Kibazo, sophomore Gutemberg Santos, and Julien qualified for states in both the 4×400 meter relay and the 4×800 meter relay.

Londino said the best quality his team has is “dedication and a willingness to push themselves to the limit in order to achieve.” Londino believes his team has worked for their success and will continue to achieve their goals.

Junior Kingdolphe Julien sprinting in his event.
Junior Kingdolphe Julien sprinting in his event.

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