Senior Internship: A Step in the Right Direction

By ASHLEY LEUNG and CHAIMAE EL ADLOUNI P1320002 As the seniors prepared themselves for the outside world that awaited them after graduation, many decided to have taken on an internship to help them experience the work world before heading off to college or into a trade. On May 28, the seniors who had participated in an internship presented their work to the rest of the school. Many of the seniors who had taken on an internship chose something that was related to what they plan to do in the future. Senior Cori Malone decided to do her internship at Malden’s Early Learning Center, as she plans to major in a career of teaching special education and wanted to work with young children to see if that truly is her passion. Senior Tammy Tan worked at the YMCA in financial matters, as she wanted learn more about business and money. The experience working at the Y went so well for her that she considers taking a business major in college. Future adults faced the world of working in a way that all of them could “take in the obstacles and lesson” they gained as said by Senior Jacqueline Bouley. Throughout the gymnasium, immense posters of senior internships were displayed for all the students, teachers and adults to see.P1320026 Every poster or presentation had one thing in common which is the strong depth of interest the interns had for their internships, along with a general explanation of what exactly they did during their internship. Go-karts, presentations, and displays filled the room, along with the proud seniors who presented their displays to their teachers and peers. In total, the serious forms tuned internships helpful to their futures, as it taught them what the real work world was like, along with the importance of time management. The senior displayed impeccable efforts on their posters, some showed examples of their work and others showed their work to everyone.

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