Aries: Birthday: March 21-April 19 General Traits: Independent, Generous, Courageous Weekly Overview: You will be able to focus and get things done this upcoming week which might be a change for the last one. A pop quiz is definitely in the next few days.   Taurus: Birthday: April 20-May 20 General Traits: Dependable, Loyal, Patient Weekly Overview: Stay calm this week, don’t let yourself stress over small things. You may find yourself overreacting over little things; don’t. Yes, they may be frustrating, but one bad grade or one missed assignment won’t kill you, so relax a little!   Gemini: Birthday: May 21-June 21 General Traits: Clever, Witty, Imaginative Weekly Overview: Don’t stay quiet; if you don’t understand something, speak up and ask about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because there will always be someone out there who will help.   Cancer: Birthday: June 22-July 22 General Traits: Adaptable, Sensitive, Responsive Weekly Overview: Let yourself be more flexible this week. If something doesn’t go the way it usually does, then try it in a different way. Trying something out in a new way will give you a new perspective in life.   Leo: Birthday: July 21-August 22 General Traits: Confident, Ambitious, Encouraging Weekly Overview: Be careful over the things you may say, you may mean one thing but it may end up meaning something else. Do take caution in your word choice this week.   Virgo: Birthday: August 23-September 22 General Traits: Analytical,Precise,Helpful Weekly Overview: Someone may try to take you down this week, but don’t let it bother you. Stay confident and happy and this week will fly by.   Libra: Birthday: September 23- October 23 General Traits: Graceful, Peaceful, Kind Weekly Overview: The beginning of the week may feel agonizingly slow, but hang in there! It may be hard, but avoid being too snappy to people and try your best to stay calm.   Scorpio: Birthday: October 24- November 21 General Traits: Loyal, Passionate, Observant Weekly Overview: Stress may come in full blast this week, so do keep in mind different ways to reduce stress as you study or work. Stay calm and find ways to stay happy.   Sagittarius: Birthday: November 22-December 21 General Traits: Independent, Philosophical, Knowledgeable Weekly Overview: Conflicts with friends or family may occur this week. Remember that the world does not always revolve around you and bow out of one these conflicts to keep them from growing into something bigger.   Capricorn: Birthday: December 22-January 19 General Traits: Responsible, Ambitious, Patient Weekly Overview: Arguments may pop up in your life that will affect your mood. Tip: don’t let it affect you too much! Keep your cool, especially in public. You don’t need that extra stress in your life.   Aquarius: Birthday: January 19-February 19 General Traits: Witty, Innovative, Clever Weekly Overview: Be careful this week, you may be a little bit more clumsy than usual, especially in the halls, so don’t be too reckless. On the brighter side of things, you may be feeling more generous than usual, so do something nice for someone this week!   Pisces: Birthday: February 20-March 20 General Traits: Devoted, Imaginative, Accepting Weekly Overview: Don’t get too tempted by the vending machines; try saving your money this week to buy something better!

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