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Best way to deal with a long distance relationship?




Dear Hopeful,

    Congratulations! Not only are you in a relationship but you’ve now found someone that won’t give you the same gut wrenching, “long distance relationships never work out,” speech. In my opinion long distance relationships or relationships where you won’t see someone for a long period of time are the truest tests of a relationship’s strength. Love is not easy, and when you are in a long term committed relationship with a person, there will be a time where you and that person will be apart no matter what. Personally, I think a long distance relationship depends on it’s permeameters. For example, how long will you two be apart and how long you have been together. If it’s only a long distance relationship for a short while (aka a few months) then honestly, it shouldn’t be too bad. Just write each other it text each other everyday, FaceTime, etc. Even if it’s painful at least you know you will see them in a few months. However, if this long distance relationship is over a few years then I’d advise having a serious conversation with the other person about where you can see your relationship going in the future. If you believe it’s meant to last then work at it and keep it alive. Plan visits and future dates where you two can be together ahead of time, set up hours where you can call or FaceTime each other and discuss your day, plan fun romantic surprises to keep it interesting like sending a care package, etc. The reason why long distance relationships get a bad rep for not working out is because either the couple wasn’t willing to accept that it was going to be hard and it would take work, or that they just didn’t realize earlier that they were not in it for the long haul. My best advice would be for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend to make that’s decision, and if you decide to keep trying, that you plan and are ready to put in the effort and are ready to deal with being apart from someone you love for awhile. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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