Mockingjay Part I movie poster. Image taken from Wikimedia.
Mockingjay Part I movie poster. Image taken from Wikimedia.

The Hunger Games trilogy had become a worldwide phenomenon ever since the first novel-based film was released in 2012. Since then, the series has left fans waiting to see the grand finale of it all.

Unlike other book series, you do not necessarily have to read the The Hunger Games trilogy to understand the plot. The books are also so short that there is plenty of room for the directors and producers to stay true and loyal to almost all of the events in the books. Mockingjay, which is not exactly a “fan favorite,” exceeded its expectations as a film compared to the quality of the novel.

Because Mockingjay does not have an actual Hunger Games, it is a whole new experience to watch. Part I starts off with the aftermath of the Quarter Quell Hunger Games, where Katniss once again defied the Capitol’s fate for her and Peeta. In this movie, unlike the others, we see the actual transformation of Katniss into the face of the rebellion against the Capitol.

Something that has annoyed many people is the focus on the love triangle between Katniss, Gale, and Peeta rather than focus on the actual rebellion taking place in Panem. The first two films were filled with romance, unlike Mockingjay. Mockingjay focuses on Katniss's transformation into a whole new person, and the Districts’ rebellion against the tyranny of the Capitol. Even though the romance can get a bit annoying, it could have helped make the first part of Mockingjay more interesting.  

The special effects design of the set has been an aspect that has left many fans pleased, and is something that is just as good in Mockingjay Part I. Even though there is not an actual Hunger Games in this film, the scenes where explosions take place and futuristic technology that is used by the Capitol’s military is displayed are impressive.

The only real downside to this film adaption is that it drags on. Because there is not a lot to the story, there is not a reason to cut the film into two separate parts. This creates the fear that the second part will either not be long enough, or will be even longer than the first part. Part I ends where Katniss is reunited with other characters, the movie stops at where action really start to happen. If this was one whole movie, it would have the potential to feel more action-packed. There was only one major action filled scene that involved Katniss, where she goes to visit a district with burn victims.

Overall Mockingjay Part I was faithful to the book, but was definitely boring to a point because of the story being split into two movies. Because of the books interesting plot the movie had a large amount of potential to be amazing. Lionsgate's attempt to make double the amount of money resulted in the film being average.

I would recommend this more towards people who have not read the book, so that they can get an idea of what the plot will be like for the second part. Other than that, unless you are a die-hard Hunger Games fan, seeing this movie for action and battle scenes between the Capitol and the Districts is a waste of your time. After the subpar first part of Mockingjay, we can only hope the second part will at least bring proper closure to the trilogy.


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