Malden High School students and faculty battled it out on the court in the Finn Gym in the annual Student Faculty Basketball game on Wednesday, Mar. 11, 2015. Though evenly matched, the teachers were able to pull out the win with a final score of 43-36.

Senior Michaela Ilebode preparing for a shot. Photo by Meagan Sullivan
Senior Michaela Ilebode preparing for a shot. Photo by Meagan Sullivan

History teacher Jonathan Copithorne who partook in the game stated that the game “gives teachers a chance to interact with students in a way that is much more relaxed than in the classroom.” Students also enjoy being able to interact with teachers beyond academics. He admitted,”There was not much preparation for the game [for the faculty] to be honest.” He added, “The staff had a few shoot arounds about a week before the game, but that was about it.”  Copithorne mentioned that his preparation included “a little bit of running so [he] would not collapse in front of the crowd,” he stated jokingly.

Junior Morgan Pennachio who participated in the game stated that, “[She] decided [to play because] it was another chance to play with [her] teammates again since the [basketball] season had ended.”

The students’ team was “in better shape, faster, and more skilled, but [the teachers] had some important skills that come with age,” stated Copithorne. Taryn Belowski “hit some big shots and the rest of the female staff play tenacious defense to get us out of a big hole, so that certainly helped too” mentioned Copithorne.

This year’s halftime show performance featured the famous MHS dance group, Air Bound. The group performed a stunt filled routine that entertained the crowd as they do time in and time out. After Air Bound’s performance, the teachers and students resumed their heated game.

Principal Dana Brown commented that he “love[s] the idea of students and faculty coming together for a fun game.” Brown has participated each year the game has been run but added that next year he will coach. He mentioned in a joking manner that before the game he had “mentally visualized beating the students.” In MHS student, Danny Perez’s perspective he says, “I didn’t know whether to play because I didn’t know if they would give me detention of not.”

Most faculty team players have participated in the game for years, and are in agreement that it is even more enjoyable each year. Many on the team concur that the game of 2012 has been the the best year yet. In that memorable game the faculty and students were tied, there were a few seconds left on the clock and the teachers won at the buzzer beater. It was an amazing victory for the teachers.

Every year not only students express that the basketball game is their favorite event, but teachers as well. This is an event where the entire MHS community gets involved. Whether one is playing in the game, performing at half time, or watching from the stands, everyone is happy to be a part of the event. Students and teachers are already anticipating next years game that is sure to be just as entertaining.


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