Golf Profile: Nicholas Ansaldi

Junior Nick Ansaldi makes his debut as a member of the Malden High School golf team. Though it is his first year, Ansaldi has a great love for sport of golf. Ansaldi loves the fact that, “[one] can play this until [they are] ninety.” He goes on to say how, “ there is no end to when [one] has to stop playing.”

Ansaldi’s inspiration “is definitely professional golfer Jordan Spieth because of what he has accomplished at such a young age, which was winning the Masters Golf Tournament.” Ansaldi concludes that, in his opinion, it is due to Spieth that “many young players strive to be better golfers.” Thanks to Spieth, Ansaldi has become very driven.

Golf is such an inclusive sport to Ansaldi, as he explains how “[his] favorite part about golf is playing alongside with kids who, while may be younger, love the sport as much as [he does,] and play with so many different people.” He wishes to be able to share his love of golf to more and more people of all ages.

While golf is a passion for Ansaldi, baseball is a sport that “[he has] been playing [his] whole life.” Ansaldi loves baseball to the point he proclaims that “nothing will ever beat baseball to [him].” Baseball has become such a major part of Ansaldi’s life, to the point “it is not even a game to [him] anymore, it is a lifestyle.”

Even though Ansaldi is in love with baseball, he “[sees himself] playing golf until [he] cannot walk, because it is a game that anyone of any age can play.” So while his time of the team has not been long, it has already become a sport where “[he] cannot see [himself] not playing it even in the far future.” Ansaldi has high hopes for his time as a member of the MHS golf team and wishes to be able to help take it farther than it has ever gone.     

Ansaldi putting during a match. Photo by Ryan Hames.

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