MHS’ College and Career Workshop: Where to Go When you Don’t Know Where to Go

Senior year, the year everyone waits for once they first step into high school. As a senior you are most likely thinking of where to get help for your common application, your portfolio, or any tips and pointers for life after high school. In the college and career center, located in room B337, all your answers can be found there.

The senior portfolio consists of recommendations from teachers, a brag sheet for you to boast to the colleges about the accomplishments you have achieved in high school, and a list of all the colleges you are dreaming of or you want to attend. Also, in the folder there is a generic employment application if you are planning to apply for a job. Caitlin Quinn (the new Holland house guidance counselor) adds that, “every Wednesday there is a new different topic to work on, all centered around college or a post-secondary plan”.

The significance of the college workshop is to help out students that need assistance in deciding what they are going to do after high school. Often people choose a four or two year university. “A two year college is important because it could expand your options on what career you want to pursue,” adds Quinn.

If you are not familiar with a gap year, this is a period between academic years. There are a couple gap year programs Malden High School offers to students. City Year is one of the most popular options, where you get paid to help students with their school work. Another option for a gap year program is Year-Up, which is where you can get paid to go to school.
Everyone knows that college tends to be costly and not everyone is able to afford it without financial aid, so MHS offers the option to attend Bunker Hill Community College for 2 years until you are able to transfer to another school. This is called MassTransfer. For any seniors that are interested in the military, you may have noticed the little booths at lunch. Talking to your guidance counselor will make the post-high school process easier and effective.  

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