New Principal Profile: Mr. Shevory

A principal is a person with authority in a school telling students what to do and to lead them to the right path: an extremely tough position to fill.

Malden High School’s students may have noticed that former Jenkins House principal Kevin Kilbride has left MHS to become the principal of the Beebe School. Now taking place of him in the Jenkins House office is William Shevory, one of the latest additions to the Malden High School staff. Shevory is expected to add a huge impact to the teaching staff and the principal staff at MHS.

Shevory expresses a part of his reasoning for assuming his current position is because of “the reputation MHS has had with Dana Brown and [he wants] to get more experience with a high school that is well renowned in the state.” Shevory’s plan is to help out students to make sure they pass and end up graduating. “The most important thing for me is graduating students,” expresses Shevory.

Before coming to MHS, Shevory was a physics teacher at Marblehead High School. This is not his first time being a principal, seeing as how he was the assistant principal at Salem High School. Shevory also taught science at a middle school which connects to his love for science and physics. Teaching was one of his biggest dreams growing up, and he fulfilled it.

Prior to being an assistant principal and teacher, Shevory attended Endicott College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in mechanical engineering. He has had over 23 years of teaching and administrating experience. Shevory enjoys watching sports in his free time, specifically the Boston Red Sox and the Celtics. In addition, he loves to fish and spend time with his family. Shevory plans to do an excellent job as the Jenkins House principal this year and the years following.

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