MHS Cheerleaders Go Beyond the Routine

Onwards with the boys hard work and effort on the field, the Malden High school cheerleaders have put all their talent into one team this season. Despite not winning the Greater Boston League title, these girls propelled through every battle they had to face. “The season didn’t go as we hoped for varsity because we didn’t win [the GBL title]. We had so many obstacles and I’m so proud of the way we came over them as a team. Losing almost 10 girls from the beginning of the season to when we got on the mat and only having 10 completely changed everything. The girls were able to stick out all the changes made with little complaints” expresses senior captain Danielle Copson. Throughout the season, the girls overcame all the struggles they had as a team.

“The Peabody game was just as upsetting for us as it was for some of the boys. They had a good run this season and as cheerleaders always on the sidelines we watch them grow throughout” Copson explains. Copson adds that “as for the cheerleaders it was exciting to cheer at the game because it was a playoff game and it was even more intense”. Highlight games included the Malden vs. Everett game and the Malden vs. Somerville game. Copson tells how “that night [of the Somerville game] it was freezing and everyone was cold but no one complained and we all had fun while cheering.”

The girls have built strong relationships with one another over the course of their season, although it’s upsetting that the seniors on the team have to leave, the girls next year are ready to take on whatever comes their way. “At the beginning of the season I was only really close to a few of the girls that I hung out with outside of cheering but throughout the season it got stronger. Some of the girls that I barely talk to last season I’ll talk to all the time now. Although the season is over it doesn’t mean my relationship with the girls is. Other than myself it’s clear everyone has become closer to one another than they were last season. Especially by the end it actually felt like I was going on to that mat with my second family” Copson added.

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