MHS Boys Soccer: Facing Andover at States

Malden Varsity team huddles up during a timeout. Photo by Jesaias Benitez.
Malden Varsity team huddles up during a timeout. Photo by Jesaias Benitez.


After fourteen wins, two ties and two loses the boys finally made it to their first states game. All their hard work and sweat was paid off. The first state's game against Andover for the boys was nothing but victory and success. The six to three game has now led them to their next state's game Sunday against Medford. The boys hard work and determination was all demonstrated on the field. The first half of the game started off at a slow pace but the boys still managed to make three goals. The first two goals were beautifully made by Senior Bruno Da Silva and second goal made by Junior Felipe Cypriano.

Half time came around and the score was still three to nothing. The second half was when everything escalated. Andover caught up with three goals but the boys did not let Andover take the win. Before Andover could even catch up to Malden, Sophomore Belisson Cius made a beautiful goal putting them in the lead. When the crowd was dying down, an Andover player was called for a handball, which allowed for a penalty kick goal to be made by Da Silva, which got the crowd going wild. There was no way to ignore the screaming fans and the cheers for Malden.

The victory was so close but so far away. The game took an unexpected turn at the last few minutes of the game when no one expected it, one more graceful goal were made by Da Silva. The referee blew the whistle, signaling that Malden had won the first states game. They are now moving on to play against Medford on Monday, November 9th. Will the Tornadoes destroy the Mustangs?


Check out the rest of the photos from the game taken by Jesaias Benitez here.

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