The season for Malden High School’s boys indoor track has already been off to a fantastic start with the high levels of energy and diligence from the athletes. Varsity athlete Brian Tran is a great addition to the track team and reflects their determination to succeed in the upcoming season. "The season has been fairly good so far. The team was able to gain plenty of new runners. Some are talented and some can work very hard during practice,” stated Tran. Tran described that boys indoor track team as having an increasingly strong work ethic that is paving the way for future success in meets.

Track is a sport that engages its athletes mentally, physically, and socially. Both the physical and competitive aspects can be arduous as the athletic requirements become rigorous and the pressure to succeed escalates. Each hurdle presents an objective for the members of the team to strive towards achieving.

Tran expressed that his biggest challenge in track “focuses on being able to run a sub 4:50 mile, and gain the opportunity to run in various invitationals,” illustrating his tenacity to improve.

Regardless of the difficult tasks presented by track, Tran finds pleasure participating in the sport. “Everyday [he] attend[s] practice [and he] always enjoy[s] the social aspect of it” because he is “able to jog with [his] close friends, and run hard in workouts with them,” explained Tran.  Practice is where the team comes together to improve their skills and build supportive relationships. There is a solidarity within the team as they overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals and Tran considers it one of the best features of being apart of the team.

“For this upcoming season, [Tran is] excited for the Somerville dual meet, since they are deemed as [Malden’s] strongest obstacle in the GBL,” mentioned Tran. The endeavors Tran and runners alike face are physically strenuous, but yield successes shared among the team. Tran aspires to help bring the team to a leading position in the Greater Boston League through his personal efforts and passion for the sport.

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