Swimming Profile: Pete Jinapin

With it being Sophomore Pete Jinapin’s second year part of Malden High School swim team, he is ready and in gear for the competitive season ahead of him. Jinapin was practically raised in the water, it is like his second home. As young as the age of four, Jinapin has had an instant connection with swimming. Growing up his mother was his main motivation and influence for starting swimming. Jinapin says, “[his] mom [was] used to [him] being into the pools and different beaches, [he] loved it, [he has] been attached ever since.”

One thing that are set high are this season are his goals. When it comes to swimming Jinapin is willing to put his a hundred and ten percent effort into it. His dedication and hard work all comes together when he’s ready to swim. Jinapin mentions that, “My main goal for the season is to finish top ten in both individuals states and to make it to junior nationals.” Also like everyone else on the team he adds, “to swim faster of course!”

Jinapin has made some great memories and friendships with the team. His favorite memory so far would have to be GBL championships in 2014-2015. He mentions,”it felt great just being able to contribute along with [his] teammates to get the win. As well as getting on the record board as a freshman is also a little added bonus.”

Their first meet is only a few days away, it’s stressful and nerve-wrecking but awesome  all mixed together as one emotion to describe it all. Preparation and determination is all that is on their minds. Jinapin says, “The first meet of the season is always exciting, but very muscle-wrecking!”

Jinapin in the cafeteria. Photo by Ana Kerr.
Jinapin in the cafeteria. Photo by Ana Kerr.



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